Goddess to the Core

4 Body Fit™ Workouts

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Energize the Spirit. Soothe the Soul. Tap into the Power of Love & Intuition.


Calm the Mind. Heal Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Holistically.  


Embody Confidence.Release Pent-Up Emotions. Improve Hormones & Sex Life. 


Burn Fat. Contour Muscles. Embody Radiant Beauty, the Goddess Glow. 

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 It's Experiential Therapy. It's Not Just A Workout. It's a Healing to the Core. 

You will workout, challenge and heal all 4 bodies. Teachings include weights, yoga therapy, breathwork, indigenous teachings, nutrition and more. New Weekly Workouts.

4 Body Fit™ Quiz & Supplies

Measure your 4 bodies before you start and get prepared for your workouts. 5:59 minutes

4 Body Fit™ Core Teachings

A must watch to understand the kinesiology and physiology of your core. 80:71 minutes 

4 Body Fit™ BreathWork

Learn the power of the 5 breaths to the 4 bodies for healing, longevity and fitness. 77:91 minutes 

4 Body Fit™ Workouts

30-60 minute sessions to teach you the fitness, medical and physiology perspective to whole self health. 

New Releases

Try new weekly workouts that empower you to be fit, healthy and beautiful inside and outside. 

 4 Body Fit™ Method Issues in Your Tissues™

It should not take that long to heal nor should it be so expensive to be healthy. 

I will show you why other main stream methods may not have been effective and how the healthcare, fitness and beauty industries have led women astray from their bodies natural intelligence, beauty, intuition and feminine power. With me in a sacred and safe place, you will bring your 4 bodies to the mat to finally get the results and relief you deserve.

More About Clinically Proven 4 Body Fit™ Method 

Changing Woman


Weight Gain

Sexual Drive

Nutritional Issues 



Sexual Abuse 


Sexual Harassment  

Domestic Violence 

Grief and or Accident 

Mental Illness




Eating Disorders 

Over the Counter Drug Abuse 


Auto Immune Diseases 

Chronic Pain & Fatigue 




 4 Body Fit™

Transformational Testimonies 

I Can Now Sleep
I Healed Rheumatoid Arthritis
Healed Addiction
No More Therapy
I Didn't Need Xanax
Brought Me Back to Life!
I Can Now Sleep

“For the first time in 39 years I am going to bed and sleeping without the aid of anything external. It is the greatest gift. The 4 Body Fit works!

Joyce Martin



I Healed Rheumatoid Arthritis

“ It was miracle the Rheumatoid Arthritis was gone. I claimed my healing and will continue to use all the  4 Body Fit™ Method tools to stay this way. I feel amazing, so empowered and beautiful!!”

Dawnielle Balli

Healed Addiction

I came to you after 30 days in recovery, filled with so much despair, you gave me hope, strength and light and shared with me the most incredible experience I have ever had. The 4 Body Fit™ gave me the tools to heal myself.

Jane Frazier 

No More Therapy

"I had one last meeting with my therapist and thanked her for her efforts and told her I no longer need her thanks to Sierra Bender and her 4 Body Fit™.  She exclaimed, “Who is this Sierra ?!” A force to be reckoned with who empowers all who are fortunate enough to work with her.

Katherine Brandon 


I Didn't Need Xanax

"Working in a very male dominating field, I forgot to respect my feminine self. I learned so much more than I expected.  I didn't need therapy or xanax. I simply needed a way to replenish and nurture myself. The 4 Body Fit™ showed me how

to do that. 

Mary Patricia Powers

Brought Me Back to Life!

The 4 Body Fit™ UNLEASHED my forgotten truths and buried powers. Something has shifted at a deep level. You have helped me begin to take back what is mine that was hidden and taken from me long ago."

Marie Dubois


Invest in YOU. Included in your membership are weekly LIVE coaching sessions in the Goddess to the Core® Private Tribe. I will share my “Sierra Secrets” for wild and wise women over 40 to whole self health, vitality, longevity and beauty.  


Goddess to the Core Book 

Sierra Bender's clinically proven 4 Body Fit™ Method was born after her neath death experience in 1995. Everybody these days is buzzing about "the 4 bodies," but no one has put the pieces together into a complete, powerful, life-changing experience the way that Sierra has. Read More Sierra's Story 

Goddess to the Core® will transform you into a complete, self-assured, and well-balanced Goddess. With Bender's "4 Body Fit™ inside-out workout," you will learn to sculpt these four bodies. By empowering, balancing, and working out each one, you will claim your worth, take command of your space, sculpt your shape, and balance your emotions and your mind while remaining in your true spiritual center—the Goddess within.

Sierra has seemingly interminable knowledge about how to help women “be women.” She herself is challenging, compassionate, and radiantly confident, a model of how to balance the Warrior and Goddess energies women have.

 —Sharon M., Ph.D., Harvard Medical School executive coach for women 

Sierra's 4 Body Fit™ Method Works! It's evolved psychotherapy. Her weekend workshop is worth 20 years of therapy. 

—Dr. Deborah Norris, Ph.D. Department of Psychology at American University, D.C. Head of the 4 Body Fit™ Method clinical research on women's empowerment and health. 

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Workout Anytime Anywhere   

Stream content on your phone, tablet, laptop, and TV.

You will meet me on the mat for an experiential therapy session to share laughter, tears and sweat specifically made for women's health over 40, for every body and every level.


Being Fit Goes Beyond the Physical 

Emerged from a body that once pronounced dead, rose the spirit of a Goddess Warrior: a strong willed, compassionate, and fearless entity. My near death experience propelled me unto an unexpected journey: an inner vision quest and outdoor global adventure where I absorbed the collective teachings of the world's sages and leaders. My expertise spans over four decades immersed in fitness, health, nutrition, indigenous intelligence and women's empowerment. My book Goddess to the Core and my clinically proven 4 Body Fit™ Method has helped millions of women and girls around the globe get fit and stay 4 body fit.

Goddess Up! See you on the mat. ~ Sierra 

Get Your Goddess Glow On! 

The Perfect Gift for a woman in your life who needs some guidance, support and love.

Goddess Tips & Tools 
Goddess Tips & Tools 

Goddess Tips & Tools